January 1st, 2008


Happy New Day!

Happy New Year to all and sundry. 

Instead of joining in the "Best of" for 2007 lists, I'd like to tell you about Ray Bonneville, a bluesy rock artist whose album Goin' By Feel comes out in 2008.  I found it on the giveaway shelf at work and was mightily impressed.  His second song "What Katydid" and his anti-war tune "Carry the Fallen" are both knock outs.  Gleefulgecko looked it up on my suggestion and found the album's coming out at the end of January but you can hear samples if you follow the link from Amazon.  I'm also currently crazy about Giant Bear (no idea when their album comes or came out) who call themselves "the world’s only five-piece Orchestral Funkabilly band."   The Bonneville disc has the sound of an artist who knows what the hell he's doing.  The hooks are good, the sound is well mixed and the overall effect is professional.  He has the requisite gravelly tone to his voice that sounds like a man who's played a bar or two.  Giant Bear has a looser sound, but the album pleases with its eclectic touch.  The first tune promises straight up country, but that's not quite what the album is.  You should give it a listen.  There's a rockabilly ode to mooching cigarettes in "Leisure Learning" and a beautiful lament in "Wyoming."  "Ida No!" is wonderful, but I'm not sure how to describe it.

(Found a video for Bonneville here.  Sound isn't the greatest, but the festival put some effort into editing it and it gives you a good feel for the artist.  Giant Bear has a video here for their song "Jim Barton."  I think both have other videos, but they're not quite the same quality.)

Happy Birthdays are in order!!

Flibbertigibbet and Aquazoo!

The new year is just a silly way we mark the Earth's orbit, but my friends have the mixed fortune to be born on both sides of the demarkation.  As such, their "big day" is always overshadowed by the holiday.  I wish them both the very best of 2008 and hope to see them soon.  Love to you both.
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