January 10th, 2008


Thor's day

This reminds us that kids are always listening and absorbing things.  My daughter was talking to Kugelblitz at my son's 7th birthday and somehow promised to call him and sing the Portal Still Alive song to him on Christmas Day as his present.  She remembered that conversation on New Year's Day (no prob, he had forgotten it, too) and called him up, singing a pretty darned good version.  She forgot a line or two and her brother kept singing "Blah Blah" overtop of her words despite knowing the song almost as well as she does, but she did darned well and it was well received.   My kids had lullabies that were mainly cartoon theme songs or invented ditties.  I think Bluezgirl sang the Bonanza theme song a fair amount while watching the kids.

Yeah to Kugelblitz and Ednoria are running down to Disney this weekend and I hope all goes great!  They've both prepared and I'm sure it will be a blast!
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