January 21st, 2008


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Writing again!  Got a comic idea and I'm writing up a treatment of sorts.  It's a fun story and I'm taking time away from 2 other projects, but there you go.   The idea will require someone with drawing skills someday, but I'll burn that bridge before I cross it.

Manga reading like crazy lately and watched one episode of Ouran High School Host Club this morning since I've read all the available manga for that one on onemanga.  Why would I even take up such a non-gothic, non-gruesome, non-kid related manga?  I blame that guy.  In this case it's Jason Thompson who put out  Manga, The Complete Guide.  Or maybe I should blame Ned who pulled a copy for me from our review shelf a few months back.  Whichever, I blame them and not my weak and easily amused mind.  I don't always agree with Mr. Thompson's ratings, 3 stars for Inuyasha???!!!  Are you insane?  10+ years of story building and an anime that has an insane following despite not being produced past the middle of the series?  Hello?  Good drawing and interesting plots?  Silliness comparable to other adventure manga?  *wipes the froth from mouth*  I'd give it 4 stars myself.  But then again, I wouldn't undertake such a huge and informative book in the first place so kudos to him.  He gives all sorts of informative extras in addition to the 900 or so series he reviews.  I've read all sorts of odd manga on his recommendation (even though I don't always agree with him.  His Princess Tutu review was... odd.)  Dear daughter desperately wants to have an anime party soon.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to today.  Hope you're all doing well and enjoying this holiday (US) or just starting the week off right.

Peace out. 
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