January 28th, 2008


Monday? Already?

Today's a big day in our family.  My big bro's birthday, my step mother's birthday and the 35th anniversary of my mother's death.  All of these are important and special in their own right and it's unfair that they all hit on the same day.  We celebrated the gecko's birth a week early since he's off in England, so we'll send him greetings through technological means today.  Happy Birthday!

My step mother is a wonderful woman who somehow puts up with my father.  Big kudos to her!  Yesterday her kids and grandkids celebrated with her.  I'm guessing today she's celebrating by going to work.  Dad will probably take her out to lunch as well, and we'll call tonight.   Eye=suck for not getting her a card in time, but she doesn't really expect much from us (thanks to years of careful lowering of the bar).  I love her and really, really am happy that my dad has her... but her birthday falls on the wrong damn day.  For years I kept thinking her birthday was the 27th (my friend Stan's birthday) as if there was no possible way there could be such a coincidence.  She'd politely correct me and I'd promptly forget again until the next year.  As if the coincidences couldn't get any worse, during our family's time in Hell, she contracted pneumonia with pleurisy.  Of course, she lived.  Partly that's due to the advances in medicine between now and then, but also my father's learned a few things over 35 years.  One of them is that burying a wife is something he doesn't want to do again.  Another is that while most people don't got one wonderful marriage, he's been blessed with two.  Happy Birthday!

Don't know how you feel about Gospel music, but I like it and last night got to revel in the music of the Sensational Nightingales.  Their songs were broken up by presentations from members of the congregation about growing up during various decades before and after the gains of the civil rights movement.  As you might guess, it was a lovefest with good music mixed in.  The kids were bored, but that's their job.  Afterwards they said nice things about the music.  If anything gets through, that's a bonus.

New Prince of Tennis today.  I'm biting my nails about the Nationals, but it doesn't look good!  Can he pull it out now that his nose is bleeding?  (I wish tone of voice carried over the internet.  This build up is all good and well, but I know who's winning this match, I just don't know how.)

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