March 7th, 2008


Friday plans, not pies

Hey (mostly) local friends!  Anyone want to go see this on Sunday?  Our fave violinist will be performing, of course.  I'm going to call today and get tickets for us but anyone's welcome to join in.  We'll try and see our H-town friends (who we hope will soon be Wheaton friends) while we're there.  If all this is too cryptic, feel free to call or e.

Sweetie's been working way too hard the past two weeks.  I'm glad for him because I know he likes to be productive, but it's also wearing him out.  Send some good thoughts his way if you can.

This Saturday is the birthday of a big boy in Colorado and my kids are all excited about it even from a distance.  We didn't get the cards out, but they've been drawn and may make their way west soon.

Out for now! 
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