March 17th, 2008


St Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day (and happy birthday to dracschick  and a coworker named... Patrick).  We have Irish on all sides (except the Swedish side, I guess) but I don't think we're Irish enough for this to be "our" holiday.  The kids however, have taken notebook or art paper and put up signs in the window that say "Irish here live" or "Irish live here" depending on the order you read it.  Amused the devil out of me.  They are much more Irish thanks to their father's side of the family.   One of his great grandmothers was said to be born on the boat coming over from Ireland.  It was suspected that she was actually born in the Emerald Isle but for her own reasons insisted that she was born en route.  No one has traced her successfully, so there's no way of knowing.

Got to sign up for the MS Walks coming up! 
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