March 21st, 2008


Friday? Good.

So my friend Barak was all like, "You are so cool!  I'm glad I'm your friend."  And I was like, "That's just what my friend Hillary said!"  And then my friend Lance came up and... Hm, maybe it wasn't just like that but I've had the chance to meet some cool people lately thanks to my work.  Just yesterday I was hanging out at the Mayflower Hotel.  (Yes, I was so gorgeous that heads turned and citizens locked up their governors!)  But enough about them, let's talk about ME!

Spring Break starts today in our school district.  I'm taking the kids around the East Coast a bit.  We may be in your neighborhood and the lovely make your move wants me to warn you that I'll just leave stuff at your house if you let me in.  

There's a little cold going around and we seem to all have it.  Someone at work suggested it could be allergies, but I had a little fever the other day and took a sick day.  It wasn't entirely a lounge about day since the kids had a dental appointment and then my son bit the numb side of his lip/mouth until it bled and was so swollen it looked like he'd been in a bar brawl ("No, social services, I don't know how it happened.  Maybe he ran into a door?") so the nurse who already doesn't like my attitude sent him home.  He cried great big salty tears over it because it was his day to make a presentation about his favorite things since he was "Citizen of the Week" in class and he was on the agenda and everything!  Luckily we had to go back to school to pick up his sister so we made the extra trip to explain it to his teacher.  Still, the boy was ripped off. 

When school started in September, the teacher explained about "citizen of the week".  It was a chance for everyone to get to know each other, to feel special and to have to speak in front of the class.  The kids bring in photos, toys and the class makes a book about the featured child.  She told us his would come sometime in March.  He dutifully would mention when other kids were highlighted ("Henry R. led the class because he was Citizen of the Week!", etc.) and he would wonder when it would be his turn.  Last week his teacher mentioned it and sent home a little note.  Sure, he gets the week with Good Friday in it, I thought.  We didn't have our fecal matter consolidated enough Sunday night to pack the photos and all, but the teacher said that was fine, he could bring it all in the next day (which he did).  Tuesday came and my kids missed the beginning of school for that dentist appt, then he got sent home, in pain and bloody.  So does my seven year old rail against the unjustness?  Does he demand another week?  No, after his teacher reassured him that he'd get to show do his presentation the next day, he was happy as a clam.  Reminds me of pre-school when he forgot the toys for show and tell.  His teachers said at pick up time that he cheerfully stood up in front of the class and told them all about his clothes.  God I love him. 

This has been consuming my life lately.  I've finished the series, but the site itself is pixel after pixel of danger for me!  Like I need another time waster!  Was OneManga not enough!?  Sigh.  

"Have a good, Good Friday!"
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