May 5th, 2008

Dark Walter

Monday Moon Madness

"The Lord Honors Your Heart's Intentions"  Huh?  That was the message greeting me at the Chevron on my way to work.  I've mentioned this place before (or intended to... heh) but I get a kick out of either arguing with them or (rarely) agreeing to the things they post on their sign.  These one sided arguments occur at about 0320 and 35 miles per hour so no one else gets to hear them, but they keep me amused.  They have the right to post what they like and I have the right to vehemently disagree.  I wouldn't get gas there anyway since their prices are insanely high.  There are about 2 or 3 places in our neighborhood that have decent gas prices and then there are places where you can be ripped off by any one of four gas stations along two blocks.  The "inspirational" Chevron is from the latter grouping.

Here's where they may have come up with the idea, but does x=y?   I don't think so.
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