May 7th, 2008


Friday night plans (on a Wednesday?!)

Don't be too shocked, but I'm trying to plan ahead this week.  We're going out to see Iron Man at the Uptown Friday night if anyone's interested.  We're leaving the kids behind (hopefully we'll find a sitter in time) and going out to play.  In my book, there's no better theater to see superhero movies at!

In other news... I'm trying to get stuff organized for the family and get packed at work.  I've read the TSA's dos and don't info, so now I'm thinking of getting a solid bar conditioner to go with my solid shampoo (avoid the 3 ounce rule!).  The shampoo also works well as soap, but the hotel will probably have some of that.  I might get some Dr. Bronner's soap so I can do laundry in the sink, though.  Mother's Day is Sunday and then I leave Tuesday.  Little bits has a chorus performance that night as well, but I'll miss it.  She can use some of my overtime to pay for therapy, says I!
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