May 15th, 2008


Alive in China

It's hard to access livejournal.  Looks like it's on the banned list so I have to jump through hoops a little.  I haven't gotten outside much, but went out to eat last night.  Chinese food, of course!  The food here is good.  I'd expected to see more of the impact of a 7+ earthquake on daily life, but it looks like Chengdu is going about life normally with a few important exceptions.  There's a high number of forced out into tents due to damage to their buildings.  The airport looked more like a bus terminal with groups of people camping out to wait for flights.  There are also people here who've come in from the damaged areas, but mainly the people seem to be staying in their villages to deal with the rescue and recovery.  Some question whether the government will rebuild the villages or move the people to the cities.  The central government is getting high marks from the affected people, but their local government is getting low marks.  The Red Cross exists here, but is an arm of the government and hasn't been the sort of help that it was for us during Katrina, for example.  Another notable exception to the norm here is the lack of traffic.  To me, there's plenty of it, but I'm assured that it is a ghost town compared with regular life.  Pollution is also lower due to the recent rain as well as the lack of intense traffic.

That's all I have for now.

Love and Peas to all.
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