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I liked it better before they sold out...

So, despite the horror of a 7+ earthquake devastating the province I'm flying to tomorrow, the good news is I'm all packed and ready for the gig.  Got a call today from work asking me to take 2 more cases of equipment (on top of the 3 I already have- 2 heavy, 1 not heavy ) and was moaning about that when my daughter asked if anyone was hurt in the disaster.  Once I cashed my reality check, I told her that yes, many people were and my having to carry too many boxes was nothing compared with pulling rocks off of  a loved one's body.   (No, I didn't say it that bluntly to her, she's only 10.)

None of our people who are in Chengdu were hurt, though three were stranded in Beijing since the Chinese blocked flights to the province for the time being.  It should be cleared up before I arrive, but we'll see.  I hadn't planned any sight seeing time in Beijing, but fate could have other plans for me.  At least sight seeing in the terminal at the airport, maybe.  I once saw France that way (heading toward a cholera epidemic maybe I shouldn't travel internationally?)
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