J Luc Pitard

A place to store my stuff...

So now that friends and family are cruising by on occassion, here's why I'm J Luc Pitard. Years and years ago, when we played En Garde with Laporte, I came up with Jean Luc Pitard to make a joke about the character on ST:NG who was a fave of some of my friends and the old phrase "hoisted by/on your own pitard." (Thrown into the air, possibly killed with the crude explosive device (in the 1600s) meant for another person.) I thought it was clever. I used to write under the name J Doe on several boards, but that name was taken at the Fanfiction.net site where I'd found people writing Hellsing fiction, so I used J Luc Pitard as my nom de plume instead.
Pretty much end of story. Feel free to friend me if you want to keep tabs on stuff going on in my life or my writing.